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Creative state of mind

As with most things in life that which is not essential takes a back seat. Needless to say,  this blog has not been a priority.  So what has been a priority?  Well,  I have been adjusting to night shift,  my daughter going to preschool and my son starting kindergarten.  Oh,  and we are remodeling our half bath.  Just keeping up with the day to day is a challenge.  I call it organized chaos. 

This Thanksgiving I fortunately did not have to work,  and I took a vacation day giving me 6 days off if work.  (Yay!). So today I instated a craft day (exciting!). It started with a trip to craft wearhouse where there was inspiration overload. My son and I had a blast.  Here are just a couple of the projects we completed (two are almost done,  but need to dry). Next I am tackling holiday cards 😀. 
Happy crafting! 

My daughter painted the canvas and i applied the mermaid and letters

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