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Foray into Intarsia

I have 6 weeks left until my due date so I’m trying to get as much rest as I can. Since I’m putting my feet up more (in between chasing a toddler around) I decided to start a new knitting pattern. I have never used the intarsia technique and have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to knit this despite the pattern being very simple for many of the intarsia pieces I have seen. It has actually made this pattern quite fun and will be looking for more patterns that use intarsia to work up in the future. Here is the link to the fingerless gloves I am knitting as well as a couple of pictures of my progress.

I hope I can finish before the baby decides to make his/her appearance.

 photo intarsia2_zpsd9827b6a.jpg

The lighting makes the one stripe look more blue than it really is. It’s more of an aqua.

 photo intarsia_zps2f5ea701.jpg

Spring has sprung

The past few weeks spring has arrived! I love this time of year. I love the newness, the smell after a clean rain, the feeling of promise that spring brings and the anticipation of warm summer days. To clarify, I love all four seasons, but spring is my favorite. Some of the flowers have begun to open, which prompted me to break out the camera and take some photos of what’s blooming.

 photo springflower2013_zps4b287713.jpg

 photo flower22013_zps9fc942df.jpg

 photo azela2013_zpsef2abcc1.jpg

 photo Camilia2013_zps102310f5.jpg

 photo Camelia22013_zps572a96b9.jpg

 photo daffodil2013_zps625a7cb3.jpg

 photo heliabore2013_zpsd0ebdf2f.jpg

 photo shishigashira2013_zps07e35a90.jpg

 photo kitty2013_zps83e0caaf.jpg


WordPress tells me it’s been 1 year since I started writing.  Has it really been a year, already?  I don’t even remember what prompted my decision to start this blog or what I was doing a year ago.

Recently I have been neglectful of this space.  Life has taken over and I find that I have such little time to write or take pictures.  I am due with our second child May 5 and I have been so much more exhausted than I ever was with my first pregnancy.  So far there have been no complications, unless you count a toddler who is on the verge of 2 and starting to assert his independence.  We have started trying to transition him to a toddler bed so that when the time comes we will be free to use the crib.  It has been a very trying and tiring experience as we seem to have a very strong-willed boy who loves test his boundaries.  Lets just say my patience has been tested often and I have had to find many interesting and often times creative ways to get him to go in the direction I would like.

In other news, my mom’s kidney is failing, again.  There are two major issues with this: one is that she has no more siblings which could be potential donors (she’s already had two previous transplants) and second because she got a liver from a non-relative several years back, her reactive antibodies are high.  This means that her odds of finding a match have become more difficult.  I will be tested, but since I am currently pregnant, I will be unable to donate for at least a year.  To compound the issue, recently she ended up in the hospital unable to walk.  After months of trying to figure it out, an MRI showed a major herniation of one of her spinal discs.  Needless to say it’s been a very hectic and at points, stressful few months.

With everything going on, my creative projects have taken a back seat.  I did manage to finish knitting a baby jacket and a cowl for myself.  Additionally, we recently purchased an apple tree and will be grafting a couple of different varieties onto it.  If I feel up to it, I will post pictures.

In other garden news, I pulled out several rose bushes, a honeysuckle, moved an arbor and strained my stomach muscles in the process.   So for now the most I am allowed to do in the garden is weeding and some light pruning.  However, it is looking a lot neater, albeit more bare, but eventually it will get filled in and not look so overgrown and overstuffed with plants.

That’s it for now.  Fortunately my son is still napping, so I can steal a few more moments of relaxation.

Happy Friday!

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