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A study in water droplets

As is usual in the Pacific NW, our sunny weather has been replaced with rain. It doesn’t bother me at all, and I rather welcome the rain because it means that we don’t have to run the sprinklers. I also love the beads of water that are left on the petals and leaves of flowers. Once again, I couldn’t resist trying to capture this beauty.
 photo peonywaterdrops_zps8b43c9a3.jpg
 photo pinkflower2013_zps269a55f9.jpg
 photo whiteazela2013_zps7b346447.jpg

Our Japanese Iris that I took from our previous house has bloomed this year. I love the slender and delicate flower. The water drops only add to its beauty.
 photo japaneseiris_zpsba291a09.jpg

Baby and flowers

In case anyone was wondering, I finally had my baby. I felt like I was in labor, although I suppose it was technically pre-labor, for a week (so frustrating). We finally went in to the hospital to get checked out on my due date, but I was sent home (more frustration). A few hours later we returned and no sooner had I sat down on the table to be re-examined when my water broke (yippie). Five hours later (without an epidural) we had a beautiful baby girl. I love her to pieces and so does her big brother, which is a huge relief. You always hope that the older sibling is going to respond well to the new addition, but you never know for sure until it happens. Now we are just getting used to dealing with two children. Fortunately I am never down and out for long.

We were released from the hospital a couple of days later and I arrived home to find the garden blooming like crazy! The weeds were also growing like gangbusters, but I think I may just have to let that go for the moment. With baby in the front pack and big brother helping, we wandered the garden and took some pictures of what was blooming.

 photo allium2013_zps49f91ec6.jpg
 photo jackinthepulpit_zps5308e6c6.jpg
 photo pollinationnofcolumbine_zps93f4616f.jpg
 photo rose2013_zpsf315f586.jpg
 photo bee_lavender_zps407d6eff.jpg
 photo chive2013_zpsf5218f85.jpg
 photo rhody2013_zps59833a55.jpg
 photo lilac2013_zps918eba0f.jpg
 photo roseandladybug_zps6f401452.jpg

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