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Nursing school & kids

It’s been awhile since I posted but today I had a moment of realization that I felt the need to share.

Since June of 2014 I have been attending nursing school. I will be graduating in August (yay…happy dance).  While I love school, it has taken me away from my kids. There have been times when I have doubted whether going back to school was the right decision for our family and the kids. That being said, it had made me a better mom because I am doing something that makes me feel happy. I feel much more calm and focused.

Anyway, my son, who just turned four, has had the most difficult time with the changes in our life. I have been a stay at home mom since he was born and he is used to me always being around. It has been a huge growing up year for him and it probably needed to happen but it has been painful.  To help ease his separation anxiety I have been leaving him drawings on the mornings I don’t see him.


He never really said much about it and I wasn’t sure it was even doing much until today. I had to get up extra early and be at clinical by 6 am. I was super tired from trying to finish up a paper that was due today and even tried opening up the microwave thinking it was the refrigerator… so I forgot to draw him a picture. When I got home tonight he gave me a big hug and told me he was sad this morning because I hadn’t left him a picture.  It broke my heart, but it also let me know that even though he wasn’t saying anything, it was making a difference. I learned a big lesson that the little things matter. I guarantee that I will make a point to never forget another drawing.


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