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Spring showers bring flowers

I am due to have this baby any day, so finding the energy to do more than take care of my son and myself is challenging.  Not to mention that I have also caught a cold.  Ugh.  As if pregnancy and a toddler weren’t draining enough.

This past weekend we had my son’s two-year birthday party.  Crazy, I know.  Fortunately my husband’s parents were visiting from out of town and were able to help.  With the extra hands I was able to get outside and take a couple of pictures.

Yay for spring flowers!

 photo lithospermin_zps37e5a09d.jpg

 photo columbine2013_zps4f3647d8.jpg

 photo rhodadendron_zps848bea94.jpg


Celebrating 100 posts

My last post was my 100th.  It seems like such an easy goal to begin with, but really, at least in my case, life caught up with me and I guess it is more work than you’d think.  As with birthdays, there wasn’t much fanfare on my end, which is really okay with me.  So with that being said, I will move on to what I am sharing today.

Flowers!  Our tulips bloomed on Easter this year and along with the amazing weather made it a beautiful day.  Buds are pushing, the early spring plants are blooming and I am so ready to be done with this pregnancy!  Despite the constant exhaustion and achy hips, I did manage to slip outside and take a few photos.

I hope you are enjoying the Spring blooms as much as I am!

 photo redtulip_zps205c615a.jpg

 photo grapehyasenth_zps401bc6c4.jpg

 photo yellowtulip_zps4f0b5da2.jpg

 photo tuliptree_zps738a8a64.jpg

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