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Road Trip!

It’ been awhile since I’ve posted. Honestly, it’s been awhile since I’ve had time to post anything. Right now both kids are asleep in their respective beds, which is a huge accomplishment for me, and I have time to actually post something. This past weekend was our first road trip as a foursome. We travelled about seven hours south to Crescent City, CA with a crying baby, so it inevitably turned into an eight-hour trip. Ugh! Our toddler did remarkably well considering he was confined to a hard seat without much leg room. The crying baby situation meant we had to stop often so that also helped get our toddler some much-needed running time. I also had to get a bit creative with games as I was wedged in between two car seats in the back for most of the trip ,but whatever works to keep the kids happy and the adults sane.

Once we arrived at our destination all was good. I was on a picture-taking spree and had lots of fun playing around with lighting and subjects. Here are some of my favorite photos from the weekend. Enjoy!

 photo floweratsusans_zps2a763fd5.jpg

 photo Begonia_zpscf864395.jpg

 photo hydrangea_zps07cb0f6c.jpg

 photo yellowandblueflowers_zpsbef18165.jpg

 photo cow_zps6b9dac57.jpg

 photo hangingmoss_zps1121912b.jpg

 photo walkingtrail_zps26394195.jpg

 photo redwoodtreebark_zpsb4a5bd5a.jpg

 photo redwoodtree_zps0c86c1a3.jpg

 photo froggy_zps4082fb69.jpg

 photo tadpoles_zps78213267.jpg

 photo smithriverpanorama_zpse3c49033.jpg

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