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When the leaves start falling

I start knitting!

It has been tricky trying to find time to knit since it is rare that both kids are asleep at the same time.  So I have been staying up late to get some much-needed knit time in.  Fortunately my 6 month old (yes,  she is already that old) is sleeping through the night.

So what have I been knitting you ask? After finishing a hat for my little girl I realized it was entirely too big because I had used the wrong pattern for the yarn I was using.  It was such a rookie mistake that I am blaming it on baby brain. So I took the entire hat apart and reworked.  Fortunately it was very quick to work up.  Here is the finished piece. (Aviatrix baby hat)


I also knit a pair of leg warmers for the little one.  These took me awhile because I was trying to add elastic thread to the back of the top cuff.  I found it to be very tricky, annoying,  and not worth the effort.  One side (the first side I did) ended up being too tight so the top cuff is now the bottom cuff.  Yay for reversible garments!


My current in progress project is a scarf for myself.  I am knitting the Apis dorsata pattern that was published in kitty fall 2005. Here’s my progress so far.

All of these projects I am using my stash. Finally.


Foray into Intarsia

I have 6 weeks left until my due date so I’m trying to get as much rest as I can. Since I’m putting my feet up more (in between chasing a toddler around) I decided to start a new knitting pattern. I have never used the intarsia technique and have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to knit this despite the pattern being very simple for many of the intarsia pieces I have seen. It has actually made this pattern quite fun and will be looking for more patterns that use intarsia to work up in the future. Here is the link to the fingerless gloves I am knitting as well as a couple of pictures of my progress.

I hope I can finish before the baby decides to make his/her appearance.

 photo intarsia2_zpsd9827b6a.jpg

The lighting makes the one stripe look more blue than it really is. It’s more of an aqua.

 photo intarsia_zps2f5ea701.jpg

Knitting Update

I love knitting while I watch TV. Not movies, but things that don’t require a lot of attention like sports. I can listen to the commentators, understand what’s going on and if I really want to see something I can stop and watch. As a result I have made a lot of progress on my sweater. Yippie!

I have completed the back


And have finished about half of the front.


Now I just have to knit up the Right and Left sides, sew together, knit the sleeves and add the collar. Almost done…right?

Happy knitting!

Ready for round 2

So I had high hopes after my last posted, but that lasted about 24 hrs. The second bout with nausea was worse than the first by far, but I hope that it will begin subsiding now. After all, I am only a week away from the 2nd trimester.

Anyway, this past weekend I flew down to San Francisco for my first dance convention in 2 years! I was extremely worried about how I would fare, but once I stepped into the airport in SFO I was feeling pretty darn good. Except for a couple of scares, I managed to keep my eating schedule up pretty well and I had a blast. I didn’t dance too much, and yes, I actually competed! I didn’t make finals, no surprise given my hiatus and nerves, but it was still fun and like riding a bike. More so, I had fun just hanging with the girls, getting caught up on all the goings on and just getting away from it all. After a horrible day back on Monday, I am doing much better and feel up to writing. I am hoping that this pattern will continue, but I can’t guarantee anything.

Besides dancing, talking and just generally relaxing, I picked up my knitting needles again. Yay for fall weather! I have this gorgeous Cascade Yarns baby alpaca chunky yarn in dark plum that I have been trying to find just the right pattern for. Well, I found it and this is what I have started making.


This pattern is knit flat, which is kind of refreshing. I am knitting the extra small size and adjusting for the extra bulk of the yarn. I chose to knit this with dpns because I found I could easily break up the two sections (lace and cable) without using stitch markers which I always end up dropping.

The pattern can be found here: Gentle Teresa and her blog can be found here

I had one hiccup that I had to redo because I was watching my friends give a dance workshop, but other than that, it is going beautifully. I think I will be very happy when it is completed.

Progress updates to come!

Beret Update

I finished! I thought it would take me longer with all the additional distractions, but it’s amazing what happens when the baby wants to take long naps and goes to bed early and your husband has a business trip.

It is not in the traditional beret shape, which I like. It’s much more boho chic of which I am neither, but that won’t stop me from wearing it.  It actually fits my personality of not having a definitive style.  As an added bonus, it seems so very Portland.  Not the Portland that I grew up with, but what it’s become.  Hopefully I’ll look just as cool wearing it as I think I do, but honestly, I don’t really care.



Funky Beret

It’s spring time which usually means I don’t get the itch to knit. For some reason the other night I felt like curling up and knitting and I decided that I needed a cool new hat.


So, I dove into my yarn stash to see what I could come up with. I found a lovely skein of Cascade Quatro in Madagascar.


It shouldn’t take me too long to work up, but between the lovely spring weather and the book I’m reading at the moment (Norwegian Wood), we’ll see how fast I work. Right now I’ve got all my stitches cast on, I just need to join and get going.

I will post progress updates…stay tuned.

Finger Puppet

I belong to a small group of mom’s that get together every other Monday.  It’s a great group and the kids get along so well together.  We try to have one “activity” and this week was my turn hosting.  Since all the kids are young (the oldest is 20 months) it’s difficult to find something that they all can do and have fun with.  We’re not really at the coloring, building, digging, pay attention for long stretches of time stage yet, so it’s pretty challenging.  In lieu of having the kids do the crafting, I decided to make something that they could play with later.  After browsing around online I settled on knitting finger puppets  (as seen in Knitty).

The eyes and mouth were very difficult for me, but at least they have a face.  We tried to corral the boys to read Peter Rabbit with the puppets, but mostly they just wanted to run around and climb the stairs.  Boys (sigh).  Once they get older I’m sure it will be more fascinating.

If you do have an older child, this could be a really great way for them to get engaged with books and identifying animals.  I made an elephant as well, but have yet to put eyes on him.  The ears of the bear were giving me some trouble so I have yet to figure that out.  Either way, their very quick to work up and don’t require a lot of yarn (I just used stash yarn).  If you’re looking for something quick and easy to knit, these fit the bill.

For the love of Yarn

I started Knitting about four years ago.  I first learned to crochet from my grandmother and after two years, I was ready to try something new, something that had seemingly endless possibilities.  I started browsing the web searching for knitting and found tons of information.  However, the most helpful tool of all turned out to be YouTube.  It’s amazing what you can find on there, including videos on how to knit.  That’s how I learned and how I continue to learn.

Why do I knit?  I enjoy the feel of good quality yarn, all the colors and all the combinations of garment, pattern, and stitch.  You can create a sweaters, hats, gloves….anything!  I love the sense of accomplishment after I have finished creating something.  While I enjoy modifying patterns or attempting to make my own (although I’m still very much a novice at this), I don’t have the time to indulge myself at present, so I turn to Ravelry (www.ravelry.com) and Knitty (www.knitty.com)  for most of my inspiration.  Furthermore, there is something meditative, cleansing, about losing yourself in a project.  I find that when I’m stressed or have a lot on mind, knitting (as well as other crafts, but mostly knitting) help to clear my head and refocus my perspective back to the present.

It seems that there has been a recent spike of people having babies, myself included.  Not only does it seem that a large number of my friends on Facebook have recently had a baby or are having one this year, but I’ve been noticing an increase in baby/parenting related ads, TV shows, and pregnant women.  At any rate, all of this baby bombardment has given me the itch to knit cute baby clothes.

My recent projects have all been baby related, so I thought I’d share some pictures of the results.

Here are the fruits of my most recent knitting projects:

My sister commissioned me for this project: a pair of baby janes for her best friend who is having a baby girl.

I had extra yarn from the baby janes, so of course I had to make a matching hat! It's a bit squatter than a normal hat because I started running out of yarn, so I increased the number of decreases toward the top. However, I think it still has a nice shape and should fit just fine.

I made this for my 10-month, almost 11-month old son. I used acrylic yarn, which I never do, but I wanted something that I wouldn't mind if it got dirty and that I could machine wash. It's a good fit for him and oh-so-cute on.

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