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More garden pics

I’m sure that I have posted similar pictures every year I have had this blog, but I feel that you can never have too many flower pictures =)


 photo columbine2015_zpslerfqcgq.jpg

 photo apple blossoms_zpsnbiwus3j.jpg

 photo apple ovaries_zps4hh3nhox.jpg

 photo hosta_zpsjnsmbipu.jpg

 photo billy button_zps28sy2cvq.jpg

 photo billy button 2_zpseo49xsbg.jpg

 photo yellow rose2015_zps7kivg1ev.jpg

 photo japanese iris2015_zpsdfpooom6.jpg

 photo white iris_zpsxvjejof1.jpg photo lilac2015_zpsuuo64dul.jpg


Garden Fun

Wow, two blog posts in one week!  The end of the semester must be close.  The past few days have yielded amazing weather in the pacific northwest which means that my days off have been spent outside soaking up the sun.  I have been having fun playing with my new zoom lens I got for Christmas which is great for photographing the kids, but not so much flowers.    However, I have used it on a few occasions and had some success.  I have been working on angles and lighting, but  mostly I am just enjoying the flowers.

Happy Spring!

 photo blue cornflower_zps6tzicyga.jpg

 photo red rosebud_zpswpdmqxdv.jpg

 photo bee and lavender_zpsujolgd4a.jpg

 photo red bucket_zpsglp6zjc6.jpg

 photo bee drinking nector_zpsmlkxxwg2.jpg

 photo hydrangea prebloom_zps27mvda7f.jpg

Life is changing…fast

Time is flying by and my little boy will be three on Wednesday!  My little girl is turning one next month and I am going back to school in June.  Yes, that’s right.  I got accepted to nursing school.  It is an accelerated program so it’s only 15 months, but I suspect that it is going to be a very busy and tough year and three months.  Needless to say, not only has this blog sort of taken a back burner already, but it will become even more so.

While I still have some time I have been teaching my boy (and my daughter who is constantly with me too) about gardening, plant growth and reproduction.  He has taken to it and has become very skilled at weeding and finding worms.  It is really great to see how much he loves the earth.  This year we made a trip to the nursery to buy plants for a planter.  His favorite color is yellow, so naturally he wanted only yellow plants.  I had to help him round out his color palate a bit, but it was a really great bonding moment.  I also found some time, especially with the amazing weather we’ve been having, to take some more pictures.

Enjoy, and I will write when I get a free moment

 photo azelaandwaterdrops_2014_zps3b7ea0d5.jpg

 photo azela_2014_zpsd7be7fbd.jpg

 photo africanmarigold_2014_zps9a083652.jpg

 photo ranunculus2_2014_zps0959301c.jpg photo ranunculus_2014_zps590104b6.jpg

 photo rhodedendron_2014_zps32bc2403.jpg photo rhodedendroncloseup_2014_zps0ad76a80.jpg

 photo firstchild_zps38bc3168.jpg

Our first child who loves us more in the spring and summer when we are outdoors

 photo appleblossom_zps011352a2.jpg

Our first apple blossoms!

Celebrating 100 posts

My last post was my 100th.  It seems like such an easy goal to begin with, but really, at least in my case, life caught up with me and I guess it is more work than you’d think.  As with birthdays, there wasn’t much fanfare on my end, which is really okay with me.  So with that being said, I will move on to what I am sharing today.

Flowers!  Our tulips bloomed on Easter this year and along with the amazing weather made it a beautiful day.  Buds are pushing, the early spring plants are blooming and I am so ready to be done with this pregnancy!  Despite the constant exhaustion and achy hips, I did manage to slip outside and take a few photos.

I hope you are enjoying the Spring blooms as much as I am!

 photo redtulip_zps205c615a.jpg

 photo grapehyasenth_zps401bc6c4.jpg

 photo yellowtulip_zps4f0b5da2.jpg

 photo tuliptree_zps738a8a64.jpg

Spring has sprung

The past few weeks spring has arrived! I love this time of year. I love the newness, the smell after a clean rain, the feeling of promise that spring brings and the anticipation of warm summer days. To clarify, I love all four seasons, but spring is my favorite. Some of the flowers have begun to open, which prompted me to break out the camera and take some photos of what’s blooming.

 photo springflower2013_zps4b287713.jpg

 photo flower22013_zps9fc942df.jpg

 photo azela2013_zpsef2abcc1.jpg

 photo Camilia2013_zps102310f5.jpg

 photo Camelia22013_zps572a96b9.jpg

 photo daffodil2013_zps625a7cb3.jpg

 photo heliabore2013_zpsd0ebdf2f.jpg

 photo shishigashira2013_zps07e35a90.jpg

 photo kitty2013_zps83e0caaf.jpg

What’s Blooming Now?

It seems like every day something new is blooming.  I feel as though I am at a buffet in Vegas; delighted, overwhelmed and totally unsure of where to begin.  I began taking pictures of the flowers blooming and their location so that during our slow process of re-landscaping I would know what was planted where.  Now however, I am overwhelmed by all that is currently planted and totally unsure of where they would look best in the yard.  It was easy to visualize how I wanted to garden to look during the winter, but now, all I see are beautiful plants.

I think I’m a flower junkie.  Well, there’s nothing else I can do now but take more pictures.




Iris in the morning


I came back in the afternoon and it had started opening.






Columbine. One of my favorites


Clematis. This was my grandfather’s favorite flower. It always makes me happy when they start blooming.


Another mystery flower. It’s a bulb of some sort. Does anyone know what this one is?


Our kitty, Puss n’ Boots, who loyally follows me around while I take the pictures. He is also a fierce hunter of small creatures (although he has caught a few squirrels and a rabbit) but is scared of everything else.

Garden Update

It seems like everyday something new starts blooming. It is heaven and frustration all wrapped up into one ball. I have a vision of how I want the garden to look and all these new plants popping up are making my head spin. I’m not sure how to save all the plants I love when we have to re-grade and I want to find some of them new homes. I think it’s going to be tough. For now though, here are a few more pictures of what is popping up.


Yellow rose. We have an over-abundance of roses. I wish they were easier to take care of because I love them when they bloom and are fragrant, but they really are too high maintenance for me.


Red rose. They really are so pretty.


Yellow Azela. This one is a different cultivar than a typical azela. it has bigger leaves and a more open growth habit.


Lavender. I need to move this guy so that it can grow to its full potential and be seen better.


Hydrangea. We have tons of these in the garden too and are one of my favorites.


these are growing all along the strip between the sidewalk and the street. I love the colors, but am not sure what it is. Any ideas?


Another mystery flower. Anyone know what this one is?


A different view of mystery flower.

Bay Area Trip part II

I love spring.  It’s a happy time of year for me.  I love all the flowers, the promise of warmer days, and knowing that soon I will get to spend lots of time outside in the garden.  In general I feel much more creative in the springtime although knitting has helped fill the void of winter.  At any rate, at this time of year I am finding lots of garden inspiration.  Everywhere I turn I see a gorgeous bush or plant that I want.  Over the next several years I will be re-landscaping our yard to fit what my aesthetic is.  This year it’s all about ideas.

On our trip to the bay area I found plenty of inspiration. The final part of our journey was spent at my in-laws who had their yard professionally landscaped a few years ago.  It has filled out now and is ripe with inspiration.  Here are a few of my favorites from their yard.






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