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Baby and flowers

In case anyone was wondering, I finally had my baby. I felt like I was in labor, although I suppose it was technically pre-labor, for a week (so frustrating). We finally went in to the hospital to get checked out on my due date, but I was sent home (more frustration). A few hours later we returned and no sooner had I sat down on the table to be re-examined when my water broke (yippie). Five hours later (without an epidural) we had a beautiful baby girl. I love her to pieces and so does her big brother, which is a huge relief. You always hope that the older sibling is going to respond well to the new addition, but you never know for sure until it happens. Now we are just getting used to dealing with two children. Fortunately I am never down and out for long.

We were released from the hospital a couple of days later and I arrived home to find the garden blooming like crazy! The weeds were also growing like gangbusters, but I think I may just have to let that go for the moment. With baby in the front pack and big brother helping, we wandered the garden and took some pictures of what was blooming.

 photo allium2013_zps49f91ec6.jpg
 photo jackinthepulpit_zps5308e6c6.jpg
 photo pollinationnofcolumbine_zps93f4616f.jpg
 photo rose2013_zpsf315f586.jpg
 photo bee_lavender_zps407d6eff.jpg
 photo chive2013_zpsf5218f85.jpg
 photo rhody2013_zps59833a55.jpg
 photo lilac2013_zps918eba0f.jpg
 photo roseandladybug_zps6f401452.jpg



WordPress tells me it’s been 1 year since I started writing.  Has it really been a year, already?  I don’t even remember what prompted my decision to start this blog or what I was doing a year ago.

Recently I have been neglectful of this space.  Life has taken over and I find that I have such little time to write or take pictures.  I am due with our second child May 5 and I have been so much more exhausted than I ever was with my first pregnancy.  So far there have been no complications, unless you count a toddler who is on the verge of 2 and starting to assert his independence.  We have started trying to transition him to a toddler bed so that when the time comes we will be free to use the crib.  It has been a very trying and tiring experience as we seem to have a very strong-willed boy who loves test his boundaries.  Lets just say my patience has been tested often and I have had to find many interesting and often times creative ways to get him to go in the direction I would like.

In other news, my mom’s kidney is failing, again.  There are two major issues with this: one is that she has no more siblings which could be potential donors (she’s already had two previous transplants) and second because she got a liver from a non-relative several years back, her reactive antibodies are high.  This means that her odds of finding a match have become more difficult.  I will be tested, but since I am currently pregnant, I will be unable to donate for at least a year.  To compound the issue, recently she ended up in the hospital unable to walk.  After months of trying to figure it out, an MRI showed a major herniation of one of her spinal discs.  Needless to say it’s been a very hectic and at points, stressful few months.

With everything going on, my creative projects have taken a back seat.  I did manage to finish knitting a baby jacket and a cowl for myself.  Additionally, we recently purchased an apple tree and will be grafting a couple of different varieties onto it.  If I feel up to it, I will post pictures.

In other garden news, I pulled out several rose bushes, a honeysuckle, moved an arbor and strained my stomach muscles in the process.   So for now the most I am allowed to do in the garden is weeding and some light pruning.  However, it is looking a lot neater, albeit more bare, but eventually it will get filled in and not look so overgrown and overstuffed with plants.

That’s it for now.  Fortunately my son is still napping, so I can steal a few more moments of relaxation.

Happy Friday!

Ready for round 2

So I had high hopes after my last posted, but that lasted about 24 hrs. The second bout with nausea was worse than the first by far, but I hope that it will begin subsiding now. After all, I am only a week away from the 2nd trimester.

Anyway, this past weekend I flew down to San Francisco for my first dance convention in 2 years! I was extremely worried about how I would fare, but once I stepped into the airport in SFO I was feeling pretty darn good. Except for a couple of scares, I managed to keep my eating schedule up pretty well and I had a blast. I didn’t dance too much, and yes, I actually competed! I didn’t make finals, no surprise given my hiatus and nerves, but it was still fun and like riding a bike. More so, I had fun just hanging with the girls, getting caught up on all the goings on and just getting away from it all. After a horrible day back on Monday, I am doing much better and feel up to writing. I am hoping that this pattern will continue, but I can’t guarantee anything.

Besides dancing, talking and just generally relaxing, I picked up my knitting needles again. Yay for fall weather! I have this gorgeous Cascade Yarns baby alpaca chunky yarn in dark plum that I have been trying to find just the right pattern for. Well, I found it and this is what I have started making.


This pattern is knit flat, which is kind of refreshing. I am knitting the extra small size and adjusting for the extra bulk of the yarn. I chose to knit this with dpns because I found I could easily break up the two sections (lace and cable) without using stitch markers which I always end up dropping.

The pattern can be found here: Gentle Teresa and her blog can be found here

I had one hiccup that I had to redo because I was watching my friends give a dance workshop, but other than that, it is going beautifully. I think I will be very happy when it is completed.

Progress updates to come!

Getting back to blogging

I know it’s been awhile. My stats tell me by blog is headed down a dark path or possibly a black hole. So what has been going on that I haven’t been writing? We picked out our house colors, which finally brought to an end the long siding project, and we found out that I am pregnant with baby #2! We are excited, but for a while, the nausea and fatigue outweighed everything. I am feeling better now, but I know if I don’t keep up my routine, I may start feeling crummy again. Whoever says pregnancy is amazing must not have been intimately involved with the toilet for the first three months. Believe me, there is nothing fun about feeling sick.  Fortunately, or hopefully, it doesn’t last the entire 9 months.

Well, onto more delightful topics.

It is almost October, which is always a nostalgic time for me. In 2003, around this time, I met my husband. I was a Master’s student at UC Davis and he was working for a company in Napa. One day, an acquaintance of mine, at the time, called me up and asked if I wanted to go the Meet Market with her. Of course I had no idea what in the world it was and had to do a little research. What I found out was that it was a single event put on by a radio station in Sacramento in which the ladies are supposedly in charge of getting phone numbers and setting up the first dates. It was a good idea in theory, but it didn’t always work that way. I was very hesitant because according to the pictures it really didn’t look like my kind of scene. I mean, what kind of guy could you really find there? But in the end I decided to go to support her. When we got there we received a booklet with numbers which corresponded to guys and their information, sans names, and a few drink tokens. It was everything I had thought and I really didn’t want to be there. I felt very self-conscious and overwhelmed with the amount of people there. We ended up walking around talking to random people when out of the blue this large Mexican man jumped out in front of me and asked “Are you half Asian?” Talk about being thrown off guard. What I eventually found out was his friend, who really liked Asian girls, wanted to know but didn’t want to approach me himself. It was a very uncomfortable situation, although the Mexican guy actually turned out to be quite nice. Anyway, while I was talking to them I noticed that my friend was talking with the other two guys that were with them and I was instantly jealous that she got to talk to the good-looking guys. Fortunately, a few moments later we exchanged introductions and when she introduced me to my now husband, he shot me a killer smile that totally gave my nerve endings an electric shock. It was the absolute last thing I had expected and him too, which I learned later. We talked the rest of the night and when we were heading out I agreed to drive him to his car. He couldn’t remember where he’d parked, but I really didn’t care because he had his hand on my shoulder and I couldn’t concentrate in the least. I think my knuckles were turning white I was gripping the steering wheel so hard just so I wouldn’t lose control of the car. Eventually we parted ways and since I had his number decided that I should wait at least a couple of days to call, although I can tell you it was agony. I’m not very patient anyway, but this was torture. We went out on our first date a week later and the rest is history.

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