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Nursing school & kids

It’s been awhile since I posted but today I had a moment of realization that I felt the need to share.

Since June of 2014 I have been attending nursing school. I will be graduating in August (yay…happy dance).  While I love school, it has taken me away from my kids. There have been times when I have doubted whether going back to school was the right decision for our family and the kids. That being said, it had made me a better mom because I am doing something that makes me feel happy. I feel much more calm and focused.

Anyway, my son, who just turned four, has had the most difficult time with the changes in our life. I have been a stay at home mom since he was born and he is used to me always being around. It has been a huge growing up year for him and it probably needed to happen but it has been painful.  To help ease his separation anxiety I have been leaving him drawings on the mornings I don’t see him.


He never really said much about it and I wasn’t sure it was even doing much until today. I had to get up extra early and be at clinical by 6 am. I was super tired from trying to finish up a paper that was due today and even tried opening up the microwave thinking it was the refrigerator… so I forgot to draw him a picture. When I got home tonight he gave me a big hug and told me he was sad this morning because I hadn’t left him a picture.  It broke my heart, but it also let me know that even though he wasn’t saying anything, it was making a difference. I learned a big lesson that the little things matter. I guarantee that I will make a point to never forget another drawing.


Life is changing…fast

Time is flying by and my little boy will be three on Wednesday!  My little girl is turning one next month and I am going back to school in June.  Yes, that’s right.  I got accepted to nursing school.  It is an accelerated program so it’s only 15 months, but I suspect that it is going to be a very busy and tough year and three months.  Needless to say, not only has this blog sort of taken a back burner already, but it will become even more so.

While I still have some time I have been teaching my boy (and my daughter who is constantly with me too) about gardening, plant growth and reproduction.  He has taken to it and has become very skilled at weeding and finding worms.  It is really great to see how much he loves the earth.  This year we made a trip to the nursery to buy plants for a planter.  His favorite color is yellow, so naturally he wanted only yellow plants.  I had to help him round out his color palate a bit, but it was a really great bonding moment.  I also found some time, especially with the amazing weather we’ve been having, to take some more pictures.

Enjoy, and I will write when I get a free moment

 photo azelaandwaterdrops_2014_zps3b7ea0d5.jpg

 photo azela_2014_zpsd7be7fbd.jpg

 photo africanmarigold_2014_zps9a083652.jpg

 photo ranunculus2_2014_zps0959301c.jpg photo ranunculus_2014_zps590104b6.jpg

 photo rhodedendron_2014_zps32bc2403.jpg photo rhodedendroncloseup_2014_zps0ad76a80.jpg

 photo firstchild_zps38bc3168.jpg

Our first child who loves us more in the spring and summer when we are outdoors

 photo appleblossom_zps011352a2.jpg

Our first apple blossoms!

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