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Holiday decorating

Last weekend we went looking for our Christmas tree. One of Oregon’s largest industries is Christmas trees, and we all bundled up to cut ours down from a farm. It’s quite the experience and there is nothing like having a fresh fir-tree in your house to bring out the holiday spirit. Right now, however, the tree is still undecorated. Our dining table, however, is decked out. I was inspired by the Michael’s ad this year to make my own candle centerpieces. I took mason jars, tied a ribbon around the top, placed a vanilla candle in the bottom and crushed some cinnamon sticks to sprinkle around the bottom to tie it all together. Then, I took some of the tree trimmings and artfully placed them down the middle and around the jars. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

 photo candlejar_zpsf25263cb.jpg
 photo holidaytable_zpsb40114f8.jpg

With the lights out and the candles lit
 photo holidaytablenight_zpsd44b2466.jpg
 photo litcandle_zpsa417a21c.jpg


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