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DYI Advent Calendar

Growing up we had an advent calendar every year. You know the one where there are little doors with chocolate hidden behind them. Even though it was really simple, my sister and I always enjoyed the thrill of counting down the days until Christmas in this way. I was at the craft store before Thanksgiving and there were advent calendars. Not the cheap ones that we used to have as a kid, but the decorate yourself kind with little drawers. I was drawn to this advent calendar like moth to a flame and suddenly my children needed to have a really cool advent calendar. I looked at the price and said “you have to be kidding me?!” They wanted $22 for some cardboard that you then need to spend probably about the same amount if you want to properly decorate the thing. So, I came home minus an advent calendar but the beginning of an awesome idea for an advent calendar.

Here is my brainchild:

I made 25 origami boxes of increasing size. Then my husband found some scrap wood in our garage and we glued them onto it. I wrote the numbers above the boxes and loaded them up with increasing awesomeness. Right now it is making a very charming center piece on our dining room table, but eventually I will have my husband attach picture wire and we’ll hang it. Probably not this year though.

 photo adventcalendar3_zpsdf2b4ee7.jpg
 photo adventcalandar_zps0bdbc7a4.jpg
 photo adventcalendar2_zps2339d7ac.jpg


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