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Let it snow!

Before we moved to the big city, we used to get snow every year. I love snow. It just isn’t winter without it and I always get so excited when it does snow. I love watching it quietly fall, especially with a mug of hot cocoa. This year, we in the big city, actually got snow! It was freezing, but I still bundled up my son and we ventured out for a little bit. He didn’t last long, but it was worth it.

Here are some pictures that I managed to snap before my camera battery died and my fingers froze.

 photo asnowydawn_zps98a1c3a5.jpg

pre-dawn magic

 photo firstsnow2013_zps89e9f11a.jpg

 photo redbenchwithsnow_zps27190b5a.jpg


DYI Advent Calendar

Growing up we had an advent calendar every year. You know the one where there are little doors with chocolate hidden behind them. Even though it was really simple, my sister and I always enjoyed the thrill of counting down the days until Christmas in this way. I was at the craft store before Thanksgiving and there were advent calendars. Not the cheap ones that we used to have as a kid, but the decorate yourself kind with little drawers. I was drawn to this advent calendar like moth to a flame and suddenly my children needed to have a really cool advent calendar. I looked at the price and said “you have to be kidding me?!” They wanted $22 for some cardboard that you then need to spend probably about the same amount if you want to properly decorate the thing. So, I came home minus an advent calendar but the beginning of an awesome idea for an advent calendar.

Here is my brainchild:

I made 25 origami boxes of increasing size. Then my husband found some scrap wood in our garage and we glued them onto it. I wrote the numbers above the boxes and loaded them up with increasing awesomeness. Right now it is making a very charming center piece on our dining room table, but eventually I will have my husband attach picture wire and we’ll hang it. Probably not this year though.

 photo adventcalendar3_zpsdf2b4ee7.jpg
 photo adventcalandar_zps0bdbc7a4.jpg
 photo adventcalendar2_zps2339d7ac.jpg

When the leaves start falling

I start knitting!

It has been tricky trying to find time to knit since it is rare that both kids are asleep at the same time.  So I have been staying up late to get some much-needed knit time in.  Fortunately my 6 month old (yes,  she is already that old) is sleeping through the night.

So what have I been knitting you ask? After finishing a hat for my little girl I realized it was entirely too big because I had used the wrong pattern for the yarn I was using.  It was such a rookie mistake that I am blaming it on baby brain. So I took the entire hat apart and reworked.  Fortunately it was very quick to work up.  Here is the finished piece. (Aviatrix baby hat)


I also knit a pair of leg warmers for the little one.  These took me awhile because I was trying to add elastic thread to the back of the top cuff.  I found it to be very tricky, annoying,  and not worth the effort.  One side (the first side I did) ended up being too tight so the top cuff is now the bottom cuff.  Yay for reversible garments!


My current in progress project is a scarf for myself.  I am knitting the Apis dorsata pattern that was published in kitty fall 2005. Here’s my progress so far.

All of these projects I am using my stash. Finally.

Autumn sights

I love all four seasons, but autumn is one of my favorites (see Pumpkin Patch Part I for more details). This year we sold my grandparent’s orchard, which makes me incredibly sad. I have so many fond memories and it is a place that to me was always akin to ‘home’. It is a place that instantly relaxed me and made me feel free from the stresses of every day. I know that if I were to buy the orchard and run it I would not only be going against my grandparent’s wishes, but it would probably change my perception of the place. That being said, I really wish my children could experience the land the same way I did as a kid. This year was our last year of picking the apples from the 80+-year-old apple trees. It was as difficult as it was enjoyable and I will never, ever, forget it.

Aside from the orchard, I have been enjoying taking photos of the season. The beautiful weather we’ve been having has really accentuated the season’s colors and I have been loving every minute of it!

 photo mthood_zps18a0da43.jpg

 photo appleontree_zps73e6e378.jpg

 photo 20130922_100331_zps7d5a56f1.jpg

 photo hydrangea_fall2013_zps4f07ee60.jpg

 photo fig_fall2013_zpsa6639635.jpg

 photo sedum_falll2013_zps38b57d15.jpg

 photo fallleaf_fall2013_zps65321e7e.jpg

Pumpkin Patch Part II

On our outing to the pumpkin patch I took so many photos that I couldn’t possibly fit it all into one blog post! This one is dedicated to the flower portion of the pumpkin patch. This particular patch, located on Sauvie Island in Portland, Oregon, is not only a pumpkin patch, but a vegetable and cut flower farm as well. They had some amazing dahlias, zinnias and marigolds that I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

 photo dhalia4_fall2013_zps75533282.jpg

 photo dhalia3_fall2013_zps4f028ee6.jpg

 photo dhalia2_fall2013_zpsffa398d7.jpg

 photo dahlia_fall2013_zpsc01887b3.jpg

 photo gladiola2_fall2013_zps147a3678.jpg

 photo marigold2_fall2013_zpsd522801d.jpg

 photo zinnia_fall2013_zps01961167.jpg

 photo gladiola_fall2013_zps0363daf1.jpg

 photo marigold_fall2013_zps17d7fd62.jpg

 photo marigolds_fall2013_zps0532ae29.jpg

 photo flower_fall2013_zps33152cad.jpg

Pumpkin Patch Part I

We have been having the most fantastic weather which was well deserved and long overdue after such a blustery September. I have been super busy in the garden pruning, weeding, and moving plants around including a very large azalea and hydrangea. As time often does these days, it got away from me and I realized that it was almost Halloween and we still did not have any pumpkins! So today we went on an outing to pick pumpkins and enjoy this glorious fall weather. I love autumn! I love the all the colors, the crisp air, hot cider, hot chocolate, caramel apples, apple pies, pears, soups, scarfs and the anticipation of the upcoming holidays that autumn brings.

What do you love about autumn?

 photo pumpkinpatch2013_zps8fd005d7.jpg

 photo pumpkinpatch2_fall2013_zps6dc54ed1.jpg

 photo chickens_pumpkinpatch2013_zps3a9499f7.jpg

 photo turbansquash_fall2013_zpsda1686bc.jpg

 photo squash_fall2013_zps4cfa1b30.jpg

 photo indiancorn_fall2013_zps0fe7123a.jpg

 photo mufasakitty_fall2013_zps6b7a5ecd.jpg

 photo gords_fall2013_zpsf107384e.jpg

Camera play

Having two incredibly photogenic and entertaining kids mean that I am taking a lot of pictures. A month ago we travelled down to California and I ended up having a conversation with my husband’s uncle who is interested in photography. He was helping me to understand some of the functions on our camera that I hadn’t taken the time to play with. Since then I have been playing with aperture settings and focal length. Last night we had a potluck (delicious!) and two of our friends brought us some gorgeous bouquets. I love taking picture of flowers and today decided to practice with various settings using the flowers as my subjects.

 photo dhalia6_zps31316216.jpg

original photo

 photo dhalia6_edited_zpsb7b5efac.jpg

edited photo

 photo dhalia4_zps26d9fad3.jpg

original photo

 photo dhalia4_edited_zpse3b9c8cb.jpg

edited photo

 photo berries_zpsef621b6d.jpg

original photo

 photo berries_edited_zpsc7a188b4.jpg

edited photo

 photo dhallia3_zps932a0982.jpg

original photo

 photo dhalia3_edited_zpsb489f6e3.jpg

edited photo

 photo dhalia2_zps25cc8313.jpg

I liked this photo without editing =)

Road Trip!

It’ been awhile since I’ve posted. Honestly, it’s been awhile since I’ve had time to post anything. Right now both kids are asleep in their respective beds, which is a huge accomplishment for me, and I have time to actually post something. This past weekend was our first road trip as a foursome. We travelled about seven hours south to Crescent City, CA with a crying baby, so it inevitably turned into an eight-hour trip. Ugh! Our toddler did remarkably well considering he was confined to a hard seat without much leg room. The crying baby situation meant we had to stop often so that also helped get our toddler some much-needed running time. I also had to get a bit creative with games as I was wedged in between two car seats in the back for most of the trip ,but whatever works to keep the kids happy and the adults sane.

Once we arrived at our destination all was good. I was on a picture-taking spree and had lots of fun playing around with lighting and subjects. Here are some of my favorite photos from the weekend. Enjoy!

 photo floweratsusans_zps2a763fd5.jpg

 photo Begonia_zpscf864395.jpg

 photo hydrangea_zps07cb0f6c.jpg

 photo yellowandblueflowers_zpsbef18165.jpg

 photo cow_zps6b9dac57.jpg

 photo hangingmoss_zps1121912b.jpg

 photo walkingtrail_zps26394195.jpg

 photo redwoodtreebark_zpsb4a5bd5a.jpg

 photo redwoodtree_zps0c86c1a3.jpg

 photo froggy_zps4082fb69.jpg

 photo tadpoles_zps78213267.jpg

 photo smithriverpanorama_zpse3c49033.jpg

Garden pictures

I have been super busy trying to get my feet under me and a handle on dealing with two kids. Meal times are the worst. It always seems that while I’m trying to get a meal ready for my son, who is melting down, the baby decides to start screaming because she wants to eat. Exhausting! Also, my son, who is definitely a 2-year-old now, has developed an obstinate streak. It’s particularly difficult to deal with when the baby is also crying. I understand that it’s a tough transition for him, and I really wish I could spend more one-on-one time with him right now.  On the positive side, he is very gentle with her.

I have managed to get out in the garden in between rain storms. The garden is the one place that will keep my son happy and busy and I can wear the baby and keep her happy. So here here’s to the garden, which always brings happiness.

 photo clematis2013_zpse2848f76.jpg

 photo blacklaceleaf_rose_zps8490f8b1.jpg

 photo purpleflower2013_zpsc5763626.jpg

 photo mountainlaurel_zps0f8ac54f.jpg

 photo beardediris_zpsd0fa3a10.jpg

 photo allium2013_zps49f91ec6.jpg

A study in water droplets

As is usual in the Pacific NW, our sunny weather has been replaced with rain. It doesn’t bother me at all, and I rather welcome the rain because it means that we don’t have to run the sprinklers. I also love the beads of water that are left on the petals and leaves of flowers. Once again, I couldn’t resist trying to capture this beauty.
 photo peonywaterdrops_zps8b43c9a3.jpg
 photo pinkflower2013_zps269a55f9.jpg
 photo whiteazela2013_zps7b346447.jpg

Our Japanese Iris that I took from our previous house has bloomed this year. I love the slender and delicate flower. The water drops only add to its beauty.
 photo japaneseiris_zpsba291a09.jpg

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