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Pumpkin Patch Part I

We have been having the most fantastic weather which was well deserved and long overdue after such a blustery September. I have been super busy in the garden pruning, weeding, and moving plants around including a very large azalea and hydrangea. As time often does these days, it got away from me and I realized that it was almost Halloween and we still did not have any pumpkins! So today we went on an outing to pick pumpkins and enjoy this glorious fall weather. I love autumn! I love the all the colors, the crisp air, hot cider, hot chocolate, caramel apples, apple pies, pears, soups, scarfs and the anticipation of the upcoming holidays that autumn brings.

What do you love about autumn?

 photo pumpkinpatch2013_zps8fd005d7.jpg

 photo pumpkinpatch2_fall2013_zps6dc54ed1.jpg

 photo chickens_pumpkinpatch2013_zps3a9499f7.jpg

 photo turbansquash_fall2013_zpsda1686bc.jpg

 photo squash_fall2013_zps4cfa1b30.jpg

 photo indiancorn_fall2013_zps0fe7123a.jpg

 photo mufasakitty_fall2013_zps6b7a5ecd.jpg

 photo gords_fall2013_zpsf107384e.jpg


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