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Thanksgiving Memories, Food, and Requirements

Growing up we used to spend Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house. She doesn’t live in a fancy house in a great part of town, my uncle is a chain smoker and my cousins were sometimes less than friendly.  However, I always seemed to have a good time. My aunt would cook the turkey, stuffing, and various sides while we would bring rolls, dessert and another side.  My grandparents would bring chow-mein and sekihan (a sweet rice that is cooked with adzuki beans).  Sure it was different, but I loved it.  Of course, once we returned home we’d all strip and throw our clothes in the wash.

At some point our tradition ended.  Now our thanksgivings are much more simple and usually involve fewer people, except for this year.  This year we are spending it with about 11 members of my husband’s family and more will join us for dessert. His family is much more traditional when it comes to Thanksgiving, but they all love dessert and lots of it, which I can certainly get behind.  However, when it comes to Thanksgiving I have two requirements.

1.  There must be jello.  The first time I had Thanksgiving at his parent’s house his aunt made this jello that was so delicious I became addicted to it.  It is strawberry jello with chunks of fruit throughout and a layer of sour cream in the middle. I know it sounds strange, and I’m not sure why I love it so much except that it reminds me of something my mom used to make when I was a kid.

2.  I must have apple pie and preferably my grandmother’s apple pie.  Most people use tart apples, usually granny smiths, but my grandma always used a sweet apple, usually golden delicious.  I think it has much more of an apple flavor and you don’t have to add as much sugar.  As much as I love chocolate, those desserts can wait until Christmas. What I want for Thanksgiving is warm apple pie.  Since we’re traveling this year I have only the crust made. The filling and baking will be done when we get there., but I am still dreaming about that first bite.
Happy Thanksgiving!


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