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Nostalgia at its best

For some reason the start of baseball’s World Series, particularly this year with the SF Giants playing, really reminded me of our trip to Japan in 2010. We were on our last day or so there when the games started and I remember sitting in a restaurant at the Tokyo train station eating breakfast and watching the game on TV. Of course that got me thinking about the rest of the trip and what an amazing country Japan is. I was 11 weeks pregnant at the start of our trip and 14 weeks when we returned. The first half I had some nausea, and a couple of really embarrassing moments, but everyone was very gracious and kind. So, I thought I’d walk down memory lane with some of my favorite pictures. On this trip we crisscrossed the country trying to see as much as we could. I think we did a pretty good job for our first trip.


Tokyo from our hotel very small hotel room.


I saw these berries while walking around Kyoto. If someone knows what plant this is, please tell me because I want it!


The Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, which was one of our favorite places.


The previous night we were wandering around the Gion district hoping to catch a glimpse of a geisha. The next day while traveling down the philosopher’s path, we were in luck!


This is at the Adachi gardens in Western Japan near Matsue. It has been ranked the number one garden in Japan for several years and it was stunning.


Matsue is known for its brilliant sunsets, and event though it was cloudy, it was very beautiful.


The floating Tori on the island of Miyajima. We went here after touring around Hiroshima. There was a street festival on the way to the ferry that was highly entertaining.


We stopped off in Iwakuni on our way down to Beppu to view this bridge and eat some lunch. Historically this bridge divided the town between the samurai class and everyone else. The construction of the bridge was very interesting and it’s all wood.


A bath house in Yudanaka, one of our favorite destinations.


The outdoor hot spring at our inn in Yudanaka. I highly recommend staying at inns and ordering their dinners, because the food was amazing and this bath was one of the best.


Jigokudani Snow Monkeys Park. It is about as close to a wild living situation you can get as they leave every night for the forest and come back to warm up in the hot springs during the day. I love monkeys so this was probably my favorite day. It was fascinating and if they would have let me hug them I would have. However, they are pretty feisty and I was pregnant, so I kept my distance, but I could have spent days there.


Ikaho which is known for its rust colored water. Here and Beppu were the only two places that we felt that the general population wasn’t as friendly. Maybe they weren’t used to seeing tourist, I don’t know, but it was an interesting spot.


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