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Technology Failure

A couple of days ago I had a post all ready to go.  The only thing left was to upload the photo to the computer and add it to the post.  As luck would have it, the program that I use (Olympus IB) decided to stall and would not (possibly could not, but I’m not certain of that) finish uploading my photos.  I spent hours after that trying to get the program to work.  I uninstalled, re-installed with both the old and updated versions, but it only got worse.  By the end the program wouldn’t even open!    I decided that if I could get the old version to install then maybe the update (if I disabled our firewall) would work and thus solve my problems.  Of course, the universe, who by this time I swear is playing with me, installed the older version perfectly and it opened!  Hooray.  Now time to update.  All seemed to be going well, when I got the same error message I have been getting: “Error 1334 File xxxxx cannot be installed.  File cannot be found in cabinet file Data.l.cab”.


After much research I am still confused as to why this error is occurring.  So far the only solution it would seem is to download these “free” PC cleanup programs which then after registering make you pay.  So as of today, I am right back where I was two days ago– IB opens but won’t complete the upload from the camera to the computer.

Sometimes I highly dislike technology.

Any thoughts or ideas on what to do?


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