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I love books

Since my son was six months old I have been taking him to a branch of our library for story time.  At first it was sporadic since he usually wanted to take a nap during the story time hours.  He finally started taking one nap a day around one year, which has made our trips to the library regular and more frequent.  The added benefit of the one nap a day schedule is the length of time in which he naps.  It has allowed me more time to regroup and recharge which is necessary when you are chasing a growing boy around.

One of my favorite ways of doing this is by losing myself in a story.  In a matter of months I have read about 47 books.  A very good friend of mine can never leave a drink without finishing it first which is my policy with books.  Some of these books were better than others, but I can say that I read them cover to cover.

What I have read:

Janet Evanovich:  Stephanie Plum series 1-16, Plum Spooky and Plum Lovin’

Nora Roberts: Gallaghers of Ardmore Trilogy, Bride Quartet (1-4), Inn BoonsBorro (1-2), Chasing Fire, The Villa, The MacGregors (Serena and Cain), The Witness, The Calhoun Women (Lilah and Susana), The Calhouns (Megan, Catherine, Amanda)

Susan Elizabeth Philips: The Great Escape

E.L. James: Fifty Shades of Grey

Julie Otsuka: The Buddha in the Attic

Robyn Carr: Virgin River series 1-5, Grace Valley Series 1-2

George R.R. Martin: Song of Ice and Fire series 1-4

Currently reading:

the 5th book in the Song of Ice and Fire series better known as The Game of Thrones series.

To-Read List:

Robyn Carr: Virgin River Series 6-11

Janet Evanovich: 16-18

Sue Grafton: A is for Alibi

Amanda Coplin: The Orchardist (releases Aug. 21)

George R. R. Martin: Song of Ice and Fire 6 and 7  (when they are released of course)
Time to get back to my book =)

What are you reading now?  What books are some of your favorites?


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