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20 things I learned from watching the Olympics

  1. I want to visit England. The aerial views have been stunning and since I live in a similarly wet climate, the rain wouldn’t be a big deal.
  2. Race walking is the strangest sport. I honestly thought they had gotten rid of it, but nope, it’s still an event.
  3. On the flip side, BMX biking is awesome. I loved watching the craziness of it all.
  4. I still love synchronized swimming. It is fascinating that you can create routines that involve almost all leg movement while upside down and underwater.
  5. Rhythmic gymnastics is much more entertaining than artistic gymnastics. It is much more creative and graceful. Not to mention that they are beyond flexible and get to have a moving apparatus.
  6. Handball still confuses me.
  7. Victory doesn’t necessarily mean a medal. For example, the Egyptian synchronized swimming team was so excited just to have gotten a higher score than they expected.
  8. Having prosthetic legs doesn’t make you any less competitive. In fact, I was highly impressed with Pistorius’s composure and attitude as well as his athletic ability.
  9. It is still really cool to see World Records broken, no matter who breaks them.
  10. You can still high jump with a t-shirt and clear the bar.
  11. Getting a medal promotes you to celebrity status in many countries and in the case of South Korea, releases you from your military duty.
  12. I love it when a country gets a medal for the first time. I love seeing the emotion and how much it means to them and their country.
  13. It is important to always try your hardest in each moment. Not only for your own integrity, but also to maintain the integrity of sport.
  14. Water Polo is a vicious battle below water.
  15. Wrestling has some really awkward positions.
  16. There is definitely truth to home field advantage. That being said, I have loved seeing England win because the athletes seem beyond excited and the crowd goes crazy.
  17. Male gymnasts should not take their pants off in front of the camera. It is a little TMI.
  18. It is important to enjoy the experience as much as it is to do your best.
  19. Athletes want to finish, no matter how long or by what means they get there. I find that strength and desire inspiring.
  20. Win or lose, it is important to be a gracious and humble competitor.

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2 thoughts on “20 things I learned from watching the Olympics

  1. I agree!!! I included my 10 moments…
    1. Oscar Pistorius wins Olympic MVP for me!
    2. Anthony Davis getting the chance of a lifetime AND the gold!
    3. The woman who won gold in judo!
    4. I love when the medal ceremonies and when they either cry or sing…bonus points for both!
    5. Andy Murray at Wimbledon
    6. Wills & Kate at almost every event!
    7. The women’s soccer team and their Where’s Waldo kits!
    8. Little 15 year old Katie Swimming for gold!
    9. The inflatable vests in equestrian cross country
    10. The most amazing Olympian and swimmer… Michael Phelps!

    • Somehow I must have missed Judo and the inflatable vests. Darn it! Although, for the equestrian cross country I was standing outside an airport bar trying to watch it while simultaneously trying to keep the baby happy.

      And what about the men’s platform diving final! I haven’t seen a diving competition that close in years.

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