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Olympic Fever

I love the Olympics. There is something about them that makes me more excited than a usual sporting event. Maybe it’s the camaraderie, or the fact that for a few weeks the world comes together in friendly competition. Whatever the reason, the Olympics take front and center. Because of our trip, I am behind and am madly trying to catch up. Thank goodness for the DVR. Watching the Olympics makes me wish that I was good enough at something to be an Olympian. So I have made a list of the events that I would have liked to participate in.

  1. Volleyball. Beach or indoor, both look like fun. However, I would have to be at least a foot taller and have played more than a handful of times.
  2. Badminton. I love playing for fun.
  3. Trampoline. Flying is fun, and I think I could use my height as an advantage.
  4. White water kayak. I’m not sure I’d be any good at it, but I like water if I don’t have to swim in it.
  5. Rowing. Probably the eight or four man because two just seems even harder. Of course they would probably make me be a coxswain.
  6. Soccer or Football. I played when I was a kid and was a decent defender.
  7. Table tennis, maybe. I might be able to get behind it, although I might get dizzy trying to track that tiny ball.

So if you could be an Olympian, what would you want to compete in?


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