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Home Sweet Home

After five days we have arrived home. Why is it that we call it a vacation, when I am more tired than normal? Granted I stayed up really late Saturday night exercising my creative brain cells, but even still I never sleep well or probably eat as well. Anyway, back to Saturday. Friday night I went to a girlfriend’s house and we spent a good chunk of time creating the play list of the Saturday night dance. I had fun listening to music which always gets my creative juices flowing.

Saturday night was the main event and was quick to remind me why I miss dancing in California. Even the beginners in California are better than the beginners back home. It is part of why I haven’t danced much in the past year. I had some fabulous dances and felt like I was getting back into the grove of things. Back home I am a big fish in a very small pond. In California, I am a minnow in an ocean. Personally, I prefer the latter situation. It is one that is ripe for inspiration and constantly forces you to improve and grow. I miss that. Dancing is a funny thing. Once I get that taste, it’s like an addiction and I want more. After just one night of excellent dancing I am thinking about attending a dance convention again. I’m not sure if I will be able to afford it, but it sure is tempting.

This weekend wasn’t entirely about dancing. I did find other opportunities to explore my creative side. We went to a park where a flock of peacocks live. It gave me a great chance to practice my photography.  Now if only I had a macro lens.


Even though we had a great weekend, I am glad to be home.


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2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. I like the fact that it’s the male peacock who has the beautiful display of feathers in order to attract the female. For some reason there is a family of peacocks at one end of our neighborhood. Sometimes the street is overrun by them!

    • I agree. The male and females were calling to each other which was entertaining. I think I saw about three males and I was surprised at how close they let me get to them.

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