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What a solid week of heat will do

It has finally cooled off a bit, but it still gets hot enough to feel like summer. However, as soon as the temperatures went up, our AC went kaput. Fortunately there has been a bit of breeze and so we’ve been able to sleep with the windows open. It’s not nearly as lovely as it was when we lived in the country and we could hear the stream from across the road, but it’s been nice all the same. I am glad that the repairman is coming today, but that also means that our nice weather will probably disappear.

Since it’s been so nice, most of my time is spent in the garden. My son loves to dig in the dirt and smell the flowers, so that’s where we are most days. Needless to say, if I’m not taking pictures of my son, it’s of all the new flowers that are popping up.

Since my last post, there are a few new ones, and beauts at that. Enjoy!





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