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Puss in Boots Photoshoot

A few years ago we adopted a feral kitten. I think he was the runt because he would scarf down food as if he thought another cat was going to come along and steal it out from under him. We ended up feeding him one piece of cat food at a time until he learned that no one else was going to steal his food.

He was, and still is, scared of lots of things including cars and strange people, but despite all that he is a great hunter.  He once caught a rabbit and left it as a present for me, which sent me into hysterics.  What can I say, I like bunnies.  Despite his hunting prowess, he is surprisingly gentle with my son despite his attempts to knock him over. He is also extremely attached to us, almost needy for attention, and often will follow us around. Our neighbor has dubbed him “the dog”.  All that being said, I think he is adorable.

So adorable that can’t help but take pictures of him. He makes a good subject to practice using our camera and trying to get better at photography.



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One thought on “Puss in Boots Photoshoot

  1. Looks JUST like my cat – therefore I love him 🙂

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