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Hydrangea bouquets

I love Hydrangea. They are easy to take care of, beautiful to look at, and their flowers last such a long time both outside and indoors as cut flowers. One of my favorite bloggers, roots to bloom, recently wrote a post about this beautiful flower. In her post she made up a vase of hydrangea, which of course made me want to cut a bunch from my garden and bring inside.

We have, at least eight, yes I said eight, hydrangea bushes. We have several blue, some purple, and a pink. Of course I couldn’t make just one bouquet, so I made two.  I think I like the second one best.  I feel that it is a reflection of my personality, or at least who I think I am.


Arrangement 1: blue hydrangea with daisies and butter yellow roses


Arrangement 1: different view


Arrangement 2


Arrangement 2: close up.

Which one is your favorite?

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6 thoughts on “Hydrangea bouquets

  1. Very cheerful bouquets! Yay hydrangeas…

  2. Ooh, they are gorgeous. I like the first one, but I think I prefer the second one too, particularly in the close-up picture. So vibrant and summery, and amazing contrasts of colours. Pretty!

  3. atwtd on said:

    Arrangement #2 is my favorite and it totally looks like your personality in flower form….lovely!

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