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A Pizza Bake Off: Oven vs. Grill

My husband recently attended an all-day bbq and smoking class. He came back with rave reviews, lots of information and samples (yum). One of the more interesting things they grilled was pizza. Believe it or not, it is a fantastic way of getting crust that tastes like it came out of a pizza oven. Of course though, we needed a side-by-side test to make sure that pizza on the grill is really the way to go.

I made a standard pizza dough and we sautéed some spicy Italian sausage. We mixed that will our left over calzone stuffing of sweet potato, carrot, zucchini and garlic. For the pizza we added some olives, a personal favorite of our son.

Pizza 1: Oven pizza. The dough was soft and chewy and all around yummy.

Pizza 2: Grilled pizza. You actually grill the dough before putting any of the toppings on. This insures that the dough gets a nice crispy outside with a tender inside. I must say, the crust on this pizza was fantastic! It had much more flavor and texture. I think we’ll be doing this a lot more.


Pizza on the grill



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2 thoughts on “A Pizza Bake Off: Oven vs. Grill

  1. Very interesting. Great Post….

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