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Vegetable Garden 2012

It looks like I have neglected writing about my container vegetable garden. Flowers are flashy, vegetables are substance and sometimes flashy overshadows…for a little bit anyway.

So far everything is growing well. They haven’t been growing fast, but that’s probably due to the lack of heat. I have most of them indoors to protect them from pests. In previous years I have tried to grow Brassicas, but they always got eaten by bugs well before they could produce anything but young leaves. Therefore, this year I plan to get around the bugs by keeping them in our sun room and hopefully I will be able to get some produce.


Dill started from seed


Black Krim heirloom tomato. We bought this start at the farmer’s market.


Thyme started from seed


Brussel Sprout started from seed


Bok Choy started from seed


Mojito Mint we bought as a start from the farmer’s market.


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