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June Blooms Part III

As promised, here is the next set of flowers.  Flowers are so happy, aren’t they?



I have never seen this one before. It’s unusual.


I love this plant even though I don’t know what it is. It’s trellised and I think it’s being crowded with roses, black lace leaf and hydrangea so I’ll have to work on fixing that.


Day lily. Not my favorite flower, but the blooms seem to last a long time and their easy.


I don’t remember the name of this one. At our previous residence we had lots of them in all different colors. I guess it’s time to haul out the garden book and find it.


Another unique one. Never seen it, don’t know it. Anyone, anyone?


Another one in which the name escapes me. It’s a pretty prolific spreader, and my husband doesn’t like it. Unfortunately, it attracts a ton of bees. I do see his point, but I think it might just not be planted in the correct spot.


Iris. I think it might be a Japanese iris, which is one of my absolute favorites. I love the delicate stem and the vibrant flower. These make me smile for sure.


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4 thoughts on “June Blooms Part III

  1. I love it when the garden begins to bloom in earnest! Lovely flowers.

  2. After your yellow daylily, I’m guessing it might be an Astilbe? (Hard to tell without seeing the whole plant.) The next one looks like a Kalmia latifolia (Is it a shrub? Again, with only a closeup of the bloom, it’s a best-guess.) Your prolific spreader is willow herb, aka Epilobium. They are pretty but can be aggressive; they’re a plant that tends to show up early after a fire, so it also goes by the common name “fireweed.” For a well-behaved relative, you can always try Gaura – some of the darker-leaved varieties out now are epecially pretty.

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