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Happy Father’s Day

Technically this will be my husband’s second father’s day, but since our son was only a month old last year, I think this one counts for more. Since our son is only 14 months, as of today, he can’t help too much with the planning and such. However, I did manage to come up with a great present idea. I think this will be sufficient to get to my husband’s sentimental side.


My mom’s group and I all did these together, which made it even more fun since there was copious amount of paint involved. It’s always fun to get the kids messy. I bought some canvas at the art store and then we put the kid’s feet in the pain and printed them. The nice thing was that if we didn’t like the footprint, you could get a wet cloth and wipe it up and start all over. Trying to do this with 1-2 year olds definitely requires do-overs! I found this poem online and we wrote it using a marker. Fortunately I had a black frame lying around, so I popped the canvas in, and voila, all done.

Along with the picture, I got him Portland Timbers tickets, which is a story unto itself. My parents are going to come over and my mom is going to help me make a bento box dinner and we’ll be having a fruit tart for dessert.

I’ll post an update of the food next week.

Happy Father’s Day!


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