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A Happy Anniversary

In October of 2010 we took our first overseas trip together to Japan. It was one of the best trips ever! I have wanted to travel to Japan for years and it was everything I thought it would be and more. It was one of the friendliest, cleanest, and safest places I have ever been. Not to mention that everywhere you turned there was something interesting, beautiful and creative.

During our travels we ended up in Nara, which, according to the travel book, had a very good sake shop which offered tastings. We put in on our list and found the place.


The tasting menu

Since I was three months pregnant at the time I was the designated picture taker. It must have been good because my husband still raves about it.


Memorial weekend my husband and I celebrated 5 years of marriage. The plan was the break open the bottle of sake we bought and drink to our future, but as usual, our best laid plans didn’t happen and we ended up drinking the sake two weeks later. It was worth the wait. It was unlike any sake I’ve ever tasted. This particular one was made from “double cherry blossoms”. We were told that you can only get it in Nara. It was fruity, crisp and delicious!



The pottery we bought on our way to Miyajima Island from a man who was making it at a street fair.


It was amazing to watch him work

We both miss Japan and want to go back. For now, however, we’ll have to settle for an excellent bottle of sake and our memories.


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