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An Award? Seriously?!

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Yup, apparently it is true. I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. My first reaction was confusion, which morphed into “this must be spam”, to “someone actually nominated me?”, to “pretty awesome”. So now that I’ve come to embrace the nomination and figure out what it entails, I am writing my post.

So this “someone” is Melody Lowes of Meanwhile, Melody Muses. Thank you for the nomination. After starting this blog on a whim, I am amazed that anyone is reading it at all. It is truly an honor to be recognized by a fellow blogger.

So…onto the good stuff:

The requirements of this award are that you must post a link to the person who gave you the award and the award symbol, and you must reveal seven things about yourself that you, the reader, might not know.

Good stuff right?

  1. I play the violin, or at least I used to. The bow needs to be re-haired and I need some new strings, so needless to say, it’s been a while. It should be like riding a bike. Maybe I should go find out.
  2. I compete in West Coast Swing. I haven’t competed since my son was born last year, but I’m still having fun social dancing and will hopefully be getting back into the convention scene soon.
  3. I am unable to quote from any movie other than Shrek. My husband and some of my closest friends quote movies all the time and I always look at them with a confused look on my face, which they find hilarious. This probably also has something to do with the fact that I haven’t seen very many movies, especially the ones they say ‘everyone has seen’.  On the other hand, I’m pretty good with song lyrics.
  4. I love to read. I’d rather read than watch a movie, which explains number three. I am currently waiting for the third book in the Game of Thrones, but I’ll read just about everything except books that are too sci-fi. I recently finished Norwegian Wood. A very complex, sad, but very interesting story.
  5. Instead of a bucket list, I have a “what I want to learn” list.
  6. I am horribly unlucky in winning prizes, even when the odds are good. I think it’s because I’m so lucky in life that I don’t need to win anything. But still, I’d really like to win…just once.
  7. I love board games.  Every Christmas, since I was a kid, “Santa” brought us a new game to play which we promptly played after all the presents were opened.  It is one of my favorite traditions and one we will keep up for our son.

And now it’s time to pass the torch. Here are my nominations.

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Domestic Diva, M.D.

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The Good Eater

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The Soulsby Farm


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One thought on “An Award? Seriously?!

  1. roots to blooms on said:

    You’re so sweet!

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