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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

That’s what my garden is like. The sheer number of flowers that were planted by the previous owner is astounding. Beautiful, undoubtedly, but since I want to reduce the maintenance, I feel like my brain is in overload. At any moment I may get the blue screen of death.

I think it’s particularly difficult for me because I am so in love with each flower. They are beautiful and I want so much to find them all the perfect home in our gardens, but as my husband has pointed out, we need to re-grade and so we may lose some of them. I wish the areas that were in jeopardy were the areas that had plants I didn’t love, like the giant Hostas that are taking over. Honestly though, I can’t think about that now.

So, I’ll just resort to my documenting and something happy like the fact that my peonies are finally blooming!



Icelandic Poppy


Another mystery flower.  Does anyone know what this one is?


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