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What’s Blooming Now?

It seems like every day something new is blooming.  I feel as though I am at a buffet in Vegas; delighted, overwhelmed and totally unsure of where to begin.  I began taking pictures of the flowers blooming and their location so that during our slow process of re-landscaping I would know what was planted where.  Now however, I am overwhelmed by all that is currently planted and totally unsure of where they would look best in the yard.  It was easy to visualize how I wanted to garden to look during the winter, but now, all I see are beautiful plants.

I think I’m a flower junkie.  Well, there’s nothing else I can do now but take more pictures.




Iris in the morning


I came back in the afternoon and it had started opening.






Columbine. One of my favorites


Clematis. This was my grandfather’s favorite flower. It always makes me happy when they start blooming.


Another mystery flower. It’s a bulb of some sort. Does anyone know what this one is?


Our kitty, Puss n’ Boots, who loyally follows me around while I take the pictures. He is also a fierce hunter of small creatures (although he has caught a few squirrels and a rabbit) but is scared of everything else.


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