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Remember Records?

I love music. I love everything about music. I also love celebrating creative and stellar musical talent. While I love the modern convenience of iTunes, iPad, iPod, Pandora Radio, etc, nothing, to me, can beat the quality that come from an LP. There is something about it that I just love. I grew up with records and record players. There is a picture of me when I was two or three and when I got my first record player and record (Sesame Street) for Christmas. I loved it to death! I was always playing with my parents record player and listening to tunes, even after I got my first tape player, which I still have.

Anyway, my husband was searching on Craig’s list and came across someone wanting to part with their record player and 120 records. We jumped.
The collection is amazing. Rolling Stone Magazine came out with their 500 greatest albums, and we have a large chunk of them (sweet!). I have been soaking myself in the amazing works such as Led Zeppelin, CCR, MJ, Prince, and so many more.

However, the collection is far from complete.

Here are some that I would like to add:

Sam Cooke

The Beatles

Simon and Garfunkel

Cat Stevens

And now my question to you: What is your “must-have” album?


Happy Listening


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