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Beautiful Spring Days

The flowers are blooming, my eyes are itchy, my nose is runny, the sun is finally shining…it must be spring! Living in the Pacific NW we end up waiting months and months for spring to show up and when it does, it is spectacular. I love the rain. It wouldn’t be green all year round if it didn’t, but about April I am looking forward to sun, flowers, warmer temperatures, and fresh vegetables and fruits.

Being as spring as finally arrived (it will probably rain in a couple of weeks) I decided to document some of what is growing in our yard. We just moved into this house last August and I have been pulling out Vinca, which has overtaken many of the beds, like crazy. Over time I will be moving several plants around to give them a better opportunity to be seen and cleaning up the beds to give them a more polished look. For now I am just trying to get a handle on what is actually growing.


Azela. We have so many I’ve lost count.


Rhododendron. A standard PNW flower and also in abundance in our garden


Ornamental Chive?


Columbine. One of my personal favorites


Lilac. Right now they are perfuming the air *ah*. As it turns out we have four of them, one of which is hidden in a corner.


Not sure what this flower is. Any ideas, please let me know!


More of the mystery flower


Mystery flower open. Still not sure what it is.

I hope everyone is enjoying the flowers as much as I am, despite my itchy eyes.


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4 thoughts on “Beautiful Spring Days

  1. I live in the pac nw too. Is your mystery flower a peony? That’s what it looks like to me. I feel your pain on pulling vinca.

  2. I like the lilac’s 🙂

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