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Starting Seeds: Planting

I have been babying my little seedlings and today I couldn’t wait to plant them any longer. The stem growth is nice, the cotyledons are almost open, so I think now is a good time to plant. I decided to plant six and see how they grow before I dive in a plant all of them.

Usually I would plant them in the pot that they would end up in, but since I have no idea which seeds are what anymore (see previous post for details) I planted them in smaller containers and will transplant them when (I’m using positive thinking here) they grow big.

Here’s what I did to plant:

I filled a container about ¾ of the way with potting soil. You can add as much soil as you’d like.


I moistened the soil with water and used a finger to bore a hole.


Carefully I lifted a seedling off the paper (the root should be stuck to the paper but if you lift gently it will come off). Be very careful not to bend the seedling. I have broken many seedlings by rushing so make sure that you have time. Place the seedling into the hole. The root will stick to the soil (electromagnetic forces at work) so make sure your hole is wide enough. Very gently push soil over the root and up the stem. Do not pack the soil too tightly. I watered them with a tiny amount of fertilizer after planting being careful not to flood the seedlings. At planting you could also dip the roots in a root growth powder (basically an auxin), but I find that you don’t really need to.


After I had my plantings I cut up a used tissue box and placed the containers inside. They are now sitting on the window sill where they can absorb all the sunlight.  I can’t wait to monitor their growth!


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6 thoughts on “Starting Seeds: Planting

  1. Interesting. I’ve sprouted seeds in paper towels and a plastic bag when I needed to check viability, but for most seeds, I place them in containers with soilless mix (tomatoes and peppers, some flowers) or plant them in situ (beans, okra, squash, marigolds, cosmos, etc.) I hope you have a great garden this year!


    • I am interested in what your soilless mix is. How do you do it?
      I hope you have a great garden as well.

      • I just use Fafard or Jiffy seed starting mix (without fertilizer) these days. When I had a backyard greenhouse set up and I was producing hundreds of seedlings, I bought “pro mix” in large bales from my local garden center – it was basically peat, vermiculate and perlite.

      • Thanks! I’ve used a mix of peat, vermiculate and perlite as well, but I mixed it myself. Perlite by itself is nasty stuff. Right now I’m transplanting my seedlings into potting soil that was left here from the previous owners.

  2. Perlite isn’t so bad – at least it’s big. Tiny vermiculite always winds up in my nose and I’m terrible at remembering to use a dust mask.

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