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Sweet Treat

My husband went to Costco on Sunday and came home with my favorite fruit, strawberries!

Here are some of my favorite ways of eating strawberries…

Whole—when they are perfect and sweet there’s nothing better

In a smoothie

Cored and filled with triple sec—it is as fun as it is tasty

But my favorite way of eating strawberries is mashed with ice cream or milk and sugar—this is how I grew up eating strawberries

This time I thought I should jazz up the strawberries, so I made my first ever sponge cake! I used the recipe from The Joy of Cooking and at first was a little apprehensive about the addition of orange zest and juice, but you know what, it was a fabulous addition. It gave the cake more flavor and added a little zing to the strawberries.


It was the perfect light dessert on a very nice Sunday.


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