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Bring the outside, in

I love flowers.  I love the smell of them, the look of them, but mostly I love how happy they make me feel.  I love gardening, but sometimes, I want to enjoy my flowers inside, where it’s warm and dry. In the pacific NW, where I live, it rains, as it is now.  We have beautiful windows that allow for me to see the flowers growing and blooming, but sometimes I want to stick my nose in close and inhale their perfume.

My solution, cut flowers and bring them inside.  I’ve never taken a flower arranging class despite my desire too, it just always seems to get trumped by another creative endeavor.  It hasn’t stopped me from cutting and arranging.

It is still early spring here and the daffodils are in bloom, the tulips are just about to open and the camellias are blooming.  Since I can’t see the camellias unless I’m in the yard or looking out of specific windows, I thought I would cut some.  To do this, I filled a vase with water added a bit of liquid fertilizer and cut my branch off.  Before placing it into the water and stripped the bottom most leaves off and made a vertical cut to open up the phloem and xylem.  They are taking up water beautifully and the buds are starting to open!

I paired the flowers with some cypress spurge we have growing in our yard.  This is our first spring in this house and I will be pulling it out.  It seems to be spreading at a rapid rate and even though the flowers are pretty, I prefer to not have to deal with it.  But for now, I will enjoy.


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2 thoughts on “Bring the outside, in

  1. I too love cut flowers from the garden. There is nothing better than a vase filled from the garden to brighten your day. I don’t have much to pick at the moment but I have great plans for a flower garden later this year. I have previously blogged some of my cut flowers from last year! Her x

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