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Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Photo credit: David Lim

I have always loved to dance.  As a little girl I would occupy myself for hours on end dancing to the radio, tapes, even records.  I didn’t matter what the songs were as long as it made me want to move.  I danced all though high school.  In college I tried out for the dance team, but didn’t make it.  I was crushed, my identity was suddenly fuzzy.  Who was I if I wasn’t dancing?  I struggled with this identity crisis until my Sophomore year when I discovered ballroom dancing.  It was fabulous.  I learned all the smooth dances (except the quick step), but fell head over heels in love with the spicier Latin dances.  After college I was even a member of a salsa troupe in Sacramento as I pursued my Masters degree.  While I still love salsa, the one dance that has stuck the most is west coast swing.  I think it’s the openness of the dance, the ability for the follower to create movement within the structure of the dance, and the variety of music (blues, pop, oldies) that hooked me.  That and a handful of really awesome women and a few men who have become amazing friends.

Like all things, what goes up must come down.  It is a very costly hobby, unless you are one of the few fortunate enough to make a living off of it.  So, I took a break, birthed my son and became a mother.  Now that he’s almost a year old and sleeping through the night (yay!) I was getting the urge to get back on the dance floor.  I was nervous, but excited and thank goodness for muscle memory.  I was concerned that I had forgotten how to dance, how to move, how to create, but it’s kinda like riding a bike.  I lost myself in the music, laughed and poked some fun at my friends, and had a great time.  And honestly, it felt great to go back to doing something that I have loved for so long and it’s nice to know, that it will always be there for me.

Here are some videos of some of my favorite dancers:


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