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Growing Greens and other veggies

I love the process of gardening, particularly food.  I grew up around it and as a result it has influenced my life in everything from my schooling, my first job and how I view produce.  My  grandparents whom I adored, were orchardists.  Beyond the orchard my great-grandmother and my grandparents, who all lived in the same house per tradition, had a mammoth vegetable garden every year.  It was fantastic.  They grew everything from pole beans to rakkyo (a Japanese scallion).  I have very vivid memories of helping hoe the ground, watering the furrows, planting seeds, harvesting, and most importantly enjoying the most delicious food ever.  There is nothing like the taste of fresh vegetables and fruit.  Nothing.  My great-great, as I called her, and my grandparents gave me the gift of understanding where food comes from.  It is a gift that I will pass down to my son.

There are many web sites and books available telling you how to get started and various methods for planting, etc.  I prefer the get dirty while trying method.  This year, because we just moved from the country to the burbs, we are significantly reducing the size of our garden, for the time being.  We have a lot to do in our yard before we feel ready to tackle a full on veggie garden, so I am going to attempt a container garden.  The climate here is much more mild and I think I will be getting started in April, so stay tuned for future posts on my progress.

However……I was anxious to get started way back in October, so I planted a few seeds to try and nurse along through the winter, hoping that I might get some fresh herbs earlier than if I had sown in spring.  My husband constantly teased me that they were dying and wanted to know if he could ‘toss them out’.  Well, two Basil seedlings have survived and are growing quite nicely.  Ha!  Now he gives me a quirky smile and tells me he told me not to give up on them.  He’s so hilarious.


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