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My Top 10 Ways for Finding Inspiration

Most everybody I know lives a busy life filled with work, kids, school, etc.  There seems to be little time for creative pursuits, if you even know what inspires you in the first place.  It can be difficult to figure it all out.  I few years ago I had a conversation with an old friend of mine who asked me how I knew what my hobbies were, how I knew what made me happy.  Well, I’ve always be a curious sort, so I guess I’ve just always known what I was attracted to.  That conversation has stayed with me and I’ve begun to wonder, what if I didn’t know?  How would I figure it out?

This is where I’d start and is my personal go-to list whenever I get the urge to try something new.

1)  The craft store: If you like paper, stamps, ribbons, painting, yarn….just about anything, this is a great place to start.  There are usually samples scattered through the store and they have classes for further inspiration.

2) The library: Library’s have books on everything and anything.  I’ve found that one of the best ways to know if you’re interested in something is to read about it.  If you find you still want to know more, than chances are, you’re onto something

3) A community center: Usually there are a variety of classes on everything from music to basket weaving.  It doesn’t cost much, the schedules are accommodating to working people, and it’s a great way to introduce yourself to a craft while meeting others.  It’s a 2fer!

4) Spend a day touring around: Rather than plop yourself down in front of the tv (Avoid marathons that suck you in.  I’ve done this plenty of times) take a walk or a drive around.  I have found that getting out in the world can be inspiring if you allow yourself the time to enjoy and reflect.

5) Write: Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.  Make a journal (be honest!) and re-read at a later date.  You might be surprised by what you find

6) Get organized:  You can’t start a project or even find a shred of inspiration if your scattered.  My husband would disagree because  he thinks I live in constant disarray, but to me it’s all organized.

7) Start with something small and everyday:  Cooking is a great way to start adding creativity into your everyday.  We all have to eat sometime, and it doesn’t have to be elaborate.  How many times have you been to a restaurant and thought, I wish I could make this at home?  Okay, so maybe some of you never have at all, but I know I have.  Actually, I did this past month with a wonderful oatmeal brulee at one of our favorite breakfast spots.   I’ve actually managed to perfect it too, but that will be a post for another time.

8) Find a friend: We all need encouragement, and sometimes it’s easier to get inspired with someone else.  Just like working out is easier when you have someone else to do it with, finding inspiration or trying something new is easier with another person.

9) Allow yourself to think like a kid: Remember when you were five?  Everything was exciting and new.  I think we all need to get back to that spot where anything is possible and you want to try everything.  It’s never too late to make all your childhood dreams come true, even if it’s only for a few hours.

10) Be well rested and Have Fun!: Two of the most important parts.  If your sleep deprived, you can’t think clearly and if you’re not having any fun, well, then it’s probably a sign.  Weekends are the best time to start finding and diving into the creative.  So have fun and create!


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