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My First Fritata

In a diet obsessed world, my son and I have to be on a diet of sorts.  However, instead of losing weight, we are trying to gain it!  Yes, gain weight.  Sounds easy and fun, right?  Not really.  It’s just as tedious and makes you think about exactly what is in that lovely meal you’ve just made.  As someone who naturally gravitates towards fruits and veggies (don’t worry, I love a rich chocolate dessert as much as the next woman) this has proven to be quite challenging.

So, for the past month I’ve been having to get creative in the kitchen and figure out exactly how to increase both my son and my calorie intake (my husband is less than thrilled about this) while still maintaining a healthy diet.  You would think it’s just a matter of eating more, but really it’s about eating food that have a high calorie density.  More bang for your buck so to speak.  So far, it seems to be working.  

  Here’s what I’ve been doing:

1) Adding butter to vegetables and pasta

2) Increasing the amount of protein (eggs, soy, fish, beans and meats)

3) Eating and incorporating more dairy (cheese, milk, cream, etc)

4) avocados, avocados, and more avocados.

Since my son isn’t even a year old yet, and I don’t love peanut butter, I haven’t eaten too much of it despite it being a good high-calorie food.

Today for lunch, I was feeling like something other than scrambled eggs, and I’m sure my son was too.  So, I decided to spruce up the eggs and  make a leek and mushroom fritata loaded with cheese and a dash of dill.  It was surprisingly easy and tasted delicious.  Next time though, I will turn the heat down on the pan, cook the leaks for a shorter amount of time and try to spread out all of the good stuff so that it’s evenly distributed.  Overall, not bad for my first try.



Recipe is from America’s Test Kitchen


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