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After much debate and internal discourse, I have created a blog.  Will I be able to keep this up?  I have no idea, but I suppose I’ll give it a go and find out.  I have always enjoyed writing as a creative outlet, just as I enjoy delving into the creative side of the everyday.  I believe that everyone has a bit of creativity in them, it’s only a matter of perspective.  Thus, my blogging subject has been born.

So why Springdoor and what does it have to do with creativity?  Well, as the story goes, or at least the story my mother likes to tell, is that my great-grandmother, who spoke very little English, called the old wooden screen door on their house “spring door”.  Whether it was because the door had a very large spring and would slam shut, or because the door would be opened to let in the spring air, is not clear.  What I do know is that despite the language barrier, she found a way to communicate, and that, to me, takes a bit of creativity.


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